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Klutts Property Management has serviced the Charlotte Metro residential property management market for almost a half a century. Whether you’re looking for a home to rent or have properties you’d like professionally managed, we can fulfill your needs better than anyone in Charlotte.

If you’re an investment firm purchasing in Charlotte’s fast-paced market and need your homes managed, let us help ensure your success!

We’d Love to Market and Manage Your Charlotte Area Single Family Rental Home Portfolio!

Charlotte Rental Home Management Services –  It’s All We Do!

Investment properties have the potential to generate an appealing revenue stream with the right management team. Klutts Property Management is your source for professional residential property management and marketing throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area.  For almost a half a decade, Klutts has managed groups of homes for investment companies and rental homeowners. We know the special needs of investors looking to acquire and manage rental homes in the Charlotte area.  All we do is lease residential real estate and manage investment portfolios.

Our Charlotte Rental Property Leasing Agents

Klutts Property Management has the best Leasing Agents in the business!  Our property management team has several full-time leasing agents who manage every rental inquiry by phone, in person, email or fax 24 hours a day. These leasing agents are licensed, friendly and well acquainted with each available property. We fill homes quickly without the typical headaches.  Please call today at 704.544.1111 or inquire below…

Barrett Klutts Property managment firm in Charlotte NC
Charlotte Property Management
Charlotte Property Management
Charlotte Property Management

We Use The Most Effective, Proactive Rental Property Marketing in Charlotte, NC:

There are many ways to market a rental property. Klutts Property Management focuses on proven methods to make sure your property stays rented with great residents that treat your rental home as their own house. We use the following methods to ensure that your property is expertly exposed to the rental market as soon as possible.  Here are some of our methods:

highly visible signage

That includes special camera codes allowing potential renters to take a picture when driving by and then use the image to immediately view all home details from any location.

24/7 Agents

A direct phone line for all potential clients to speak with real, qualified Leasing Agents, 24/7

Automatic Updates

Dozens of constantly updated national websites that update in minutes with your property’s info

Reports Portal

State-of-the-art rental property software which allows you to run your own reports via our online portal.

Instant Aplications

Online rental applications tied directly to your vacant rental home monitored 24/7 applications for your rental home can be filled out and approved from anywhere.

Renters Can Pay Electronically

Deposits and monthly rental payments can be made directly using the Internet

Google Maps Integration

Full use of Google Maps® and Google Earth® to help potential residents find homes in the areas they want to live

Contractor Relationships

We offer and manage contractor referrals to property owners to reduce your cost and help generate the maximum rental amount for your rental home. We continuously renegotiate with quality subcontractors who are price sensitive to our property owner’s needs.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

A leasing team with decades of lifelong real estate experience living in the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County area  with astute awareness of current market conditions to make sure your home rents for the highest possible amount

We Are Always Available

With most companies taking the weekend off, we’re still here answering the phones to rent all vacant properties. Klutts Property Management realizes that activity is often most demanding during these days so we want to make sure we are available to show possible tenants properties at a time that is convenient for them.

Charlotte Property Management for Portfolio Owners

Please call us at any time to discuss your rental management needs. Would you rather ask your questions through our form, please feel free to do so!.
Property Owners Inquiry

Tel:  704-544-1111 Fax: 704-553-2256

1433 Emerywood Drive Charlotte, NC 28210

Renting Guide
Here is a link to our rental guide for property owners

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